Come and play and relax with us and indulge yourself in the entertaining, delightful and delicious culture of Samui coconuts

Koh Samui is known as the Island of Coconuts and for good reason. With more than three million palm trees, coconut production is the island’s second largest industry behind tourism and has become the largest export from Samui. The coconut is crucial to the overall island economy as well as for day-to-day living of residents and visitors alike.

Its importance is easy to understand when you realize the multitude of practical uses. As food or drink, fresh coconut flesh and juice are refreshing and chock-full of nutritional benefits. The juice touts a host of health benefits such as preventing osteoporosis, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, reducing the risk of heart disease, and regulating hormones in both men and postmenopausal women, among others.

Crush the flesh and the juice to create the coconut milk that is used in Thai curries, a culinary staple throughout the country. The flesh is also used for flavor or texture in a large variety of Thai desserts, sweets, candies and ice cream.

As a health and beauty aid, coconut is omnipresent. It is found in skin moisturizing oil that can also treat blemishes, scar tissue and mosquito bites.  Body lotions, bath and shower gels, and balms are also popular in spas and over-the-counter. Body scrubs include the fibers, and the flesh is used to create a compress for spa treatments. Coconut oil is also used medicinally for the benefit of mothers-to-be and as a cleanser as part of a pre-funereal or cremation ritual.

Husks and its fibers are used to make ropes or as cushion, pillow or mattress filler. The shells can be turned into fire-starting charcoal. Palm fronds create roofs and shade for salas, bungalows, and beach bars, and the hard, sturdy coconut wood can be used to build furniture and framework for larger structures.

Visit a handicraft shop anywhere on the island, and you will see the variety of creative, practical and decorative ways that the palm tree and the coconut can be used in the home or garden.   

Santiburi Koh Samui is situated in the midst of a 23-acre plantation with over 600 palm trees. Proudly certified as a carbon neutral resort, Santiburi takes great pride in its Green Project, sustainability mission, and support for local communities and economy by buying locally. Of course, this includes supporting local coconut farmers, gardeners and merchants. With an abundance of palm trees, Santiburi has more fresh coconuts than it can consume, even during periods of full occupancy. Local residents are provided access to the surplus to enhance their livelihoods, as we not only buy locally, but also supply locally.

Life at Santiburi Koh Samui is a microcosm of Samui island life and the coconut is no less important here.  It is incorporated into all aspects of the guest experience at the resort. The unique Len program offers activities and experiences for guests who are looking for adventure, culture, romance, family time or simple relaxation, and opportunities abound to go (coco)nuts doing whatever you like.

Experience the adventure of cracking open a fresh coconut and savoring the refreshing juice. Enjoy the cultural experience of choosing a unique Thai curry made especially for you at Sala Thai restaurant. End a romantic private dinner on the beach with a dessert smothered in shaved coconut. Spend some family time and take some forever photographs of the kids’ smiling faces as they watch a monkey scale a palm tree and harvest coconuts at dizzying heights. It’s very entertaining! But above all, holidays are for relaxing.

Len Spa has a menu of decadent indulgences to help you relax, including massages, steam treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials and body scrubs. You can immerse yourself in coconut with oils, balms, lotions and scrubs, among other things, and they are all available as part of a specialized treatment or for retail purchase at the spa.

If you cannot decide, may we recommend the Coco-Bliss promotion? It is being offered by the Len Spa through December 24, 2022 and includes a coconut body scrub, coconut full-body oil massage, post-treatment herbal tea and a unique coconut-caramel sweet – a sample of the most popular, must-have souvenir available only on Samui!

Come and play and relax with us and indulge yourself in the entertaining, delightful and delicious culture of Samui coconuts.   

Len Spa Team

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