Responsible Consumption and Production

  • Implementing Energy and Water Saving Strategies

    1. Maintaining a high level of machinery efficiency through Preventive Planned Maintenance.
    2. Using energy efficient light bulbs.
    3. Reusing grey water for the gardens.
  • Aggressively Managing Food Waste
    1. Monitoring the working techniques and the demand to reduce organic waste from the kitchen.
    2. Using BCI-nanotechnology to dispose of high-volume by-products such as grease.
    3. Developing an array of composting methods to reuse efficiently waste, notably via the continuous production of EM and compost.
  • Reducing the property’s consumption of non-reusable goods at the best eco-friendly resorts in Thailand
    1. Straw-Less initiative.
    2. Replacing plastic bottles by glass.
    3. Reducing purchasing volumes.
SLUG IS: responsible-consumption-and-production
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