Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Achieving Carbon Neutrality
    1. Performing regular internal carbon audits
    2. Obtaining the Carbon Neutrality Certification from Thailand Greenhouse Gaz Management Organization (TGO)
  • Driving Communities

    1. Employing local and developing in house talents.
    2. Teaching Samui’s schools about the use of natural resources and donating production surplus. (EM Agent)
    3. Selecting local suppliers and training them to reach international standards while retaining quality.
    4. Creating events such as Santiburi’s Fashion Mania, bringing together communities and allowing locals to parade along international models.
  • Farm-To-Table Approach
    1. Santiburi’s nursery is composed of 2,663 pots and 38 types of plants.
    2. Santiburi’s chef garden produces herbs, fruits and vegetables in order to complement the kitchen’s production and to communicate with our guests during our cooking class on endemic species. Stand a chance to witness the unbeatable sustainable travel to Thailand.
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